Our holiday home in Vrouwenpolder

Northsea beach

Reach the beach barefoot

Breezand One

A friendly park

Hiking Walcheren

Over dikes and between the hawthorn

Our holiday home at the coast
Zunnetje_buiten terras


Breezand 1, at the northern tip of Walcheren

zunnetje woonkamer

Inside the house

Have a look inside

Strandopgang Breezand Vrouwenpolder


Sun, sea and beach at Walcheren

Speelwei Breezand


Bookings and availability

Welcome to ‘t Zunnetje, our holiday home at Breezand 1, Vrouwenpolder.

The house has been in the family for 60 years, we enjoy going to the house ourselves and  rent it out for the rest of the year.

The house is  located at a spacious park right behind the Northsea dunes. You can reach the beach on a short (barefoot) walk. The surrounding Walcheren area is perfect for hiking and cycling on well charted routes.